Through my recent college years, my work has consisted of many different subjects, mediums, and meanings. Through each class I took, my work continued to evolve and take me places I never knew I could reach. While at school, I was told that my art would be set free when I found a specific subject to focus my work around... I believe the opposite. 

Art is about setting your mind free, and with that comes chaos and nothing is the same. As humans we are continuously adapting and changing to the environment around us. This idea has slowly unearthed itself into my work. Even though I concentrate my work in Graphite and Charcoal, I can never just stop there. In my mind there is always another way to take a similar idea and keep changing it and taking it to the next level. Perception is the oxymoronic idea that is repeatedly seen in my art. While keeping this simple theme, I challenge myself to view my world from different angles and emotions; which I believe is one of the greater challenges and lessons we face in life. 

Having the ability to continuously asking myself "what if?" is what drives me to try new techniques and mediums. After all, what makes life worth while is the experiences we have! And I don't intend to waste a moment!